Beyss Kunstofftechnik has been active in building ultra light vehicles and in the development of velomobiles since 1991. They became known for bringing the legendary go-one prototype by Michael Goretzkyto market and to build it as a production series.  Today, they hold a lot of experience and know-how in the market segment of  “high end velomobiles”.

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The Design

The prototype of the go-one stems from the Designer Michael Goretzky from Tübingen.
From this exotic low racer…

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You rather think to stand in front of a racing car, until you discover the cranks under the canopy [Cited: PM, 1996]. Beyss from Straelen, who were working with plastics, heard of this and got in contact with the designer.


Goretzky Design and Beyss Kunststofftechnik decided to develop the go-one further. In the original moulds from Michael Goretzky master moulds were laminated, just to modify them piece by piece. These changes based on the principle “form follows function”, they were intended to improve the vehicles suitability as an every day use vehicle.

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7 Michael Gorezky modelling with clay

Hence, wheel houses were added and the venilation openings re-positioned. The huge Acryl-canopy was divided to make it possible to ride without it in summer.





Go-One² Prototype

8 The first go-one² prototype was built in a semi-self-supporting glass fiber construction. An aluminium-frame was adjusted. Last works are done.








Building the first production series vehicles, the aluminium frame was exchanged by a light-weight steel frame, later parts of the chassis were made carrying parts. Here, two vehicles from this series.

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Due to the tremendous success and demand, the decision was made to develop a new velomobile, the go-one³


The go-one³ was built until 2010 and then replaced by its successor, the further developed, more aerodynamic go-one Evolution.