go-one Models

Beyss Leichtfahrzeuge is offering three  different go-one models:

HPV Worldchampion 2013 & 2014

The racy go-one Evo-K- The lovers of really fast velomobiles can find an appropriate model among the go-one velomobiles. The go-one Evo-K- is incredibly light and built incredibly stiff. Every Watt is used for propulsion! Richard Dähne won HPV World´s Championship 2014 Saone (France) in his Evo-K.



The slim go-one Evo-Ks- was developed for riders for whom the Evo-K- is not small enough. Rolling test comparisons between Evo-K- and Evo-Ks- showed significant improvements of the aerodynamics in favour of the Evo-Ks- at comparable rolling resistance. The front surface of the Evo-Ks- was reduced once more.


The go-one Evo-R- was derived from the go-one Evolution as a slimmer and faster Model. Due to good capacity utilization with building the Evo-K-, the Evo-Ks- and the Evo-R- amd due to lower demand for the old model, the go one Evolution is no longer produced. The production of the go-one Evo-R- will be re-started in 2014.