go-One Evolution

go-one Evolution As a successor of the go-one3 the go-one Evolution is a fast and comfortable velomobile for the every day use. As its predecessor, you look at the world through a big plastic canopy. The aerodynamics were again improved by a streamlined tail. During the re-design a lot of attention was paid on keeping the typical go-one design while providing the vehicle with improved ride characteristics. In spite of the bigger chassis, the go-one Evolution is not heavier than its predecessor. Altogether, a perfect, comfortable, stylish and fast allround-velomobile for the daily use!

Due to good capacity utilization with building the Evo-K- and the Evo-Ks- and due to lower demand for the older models, this go one-variant is no longer produced.



Overview of Features , base modell

[modifications may occur]

Crank set Shimano Tiagra FC 4503
Pedals: Shimano PD-M 324 [spd]
Derailleurs: SRAM
Triggers: SRAM

Derailleur 27 Gears

T-alumininum handle bar
Aluminium universal joint

Self supporting fiber composite chassis, manufactured from finest epoxy resins (certified for building aircrafts) and fabrics
glossy and polishable white gel-coat surface
wheel houses completely closed to the inside
clear canopy in aircraft quality made of 3mm Acryl glass, optionally hardened (coating) on both sides
colored set of decals (optionally)

go-one Evolution

Comfortable body-contoured seat made of fiberglass
Pedal geometry length-adjustable
Ventilation to avoid fogging of the canopy
Luggage compartment of appros. 30 liters.

Wheel suspension
Fully suspended, independent suspension

In the front: MacPherson struts
Camber adjustable
Track adjustable

In the rear: central suspension strut
Aluminium rear fork
Damping and spring pre-load adjustable

Spoked wheels

Front wheels: 20 inches (ERTRO 406)
Rear wheels: 26 inches (ERTRO 559)

2x aluminium drum brakes in the front wheels, lockable for parking

go-one Evolution

Prices, options,accessories

The following equippment and options were delivarable at extra charge.

Hardtop Kit incl. hardened windows
Lights LED B&M IQ Speed incl. switch-panel / rechargable battery
Indicators only in connection with lights
Additional electric fans only in connection with lights
Herdened canopy (recommended!)
Kit assembly
Hardtop assembly
Wheel covers
Rohloff Speedhub 500/14
SRam Dual Drive
2nd mirror (outside)
Dekoration decals
Assembly of decals by Decal-profi
Lighter chassis built in Aramid/Kevlar/Carbon/Honeycomb

Technical details

Length: 275 cm
Height: 100 cm
Width: 76 cm
Track: 76 cm
Wheel base: 142 cm
Turning circle: 840 cm
Ground clearance: 12 cm
Rider’s height: 160-200 cm
Empty weight kit: approx. 32 Kg
Volume of luggage compartment: approx. 30 L.

Dimensions of the luggage compartment: wedge shaped (L/W/H) 68cm x 42cm x 30cm

The weights refer to Kits equipped ready to ride without Hardtop/Softtop, lights or extras.