go-one Evo-R-

go-one Evo R The idea of modifying the go-one Evolution, to make it leaner, smaller and lighter was the basis for this design. The aim was a velomobile for every day use, which was clearly optimised on races end records.

The result was the go-one Evo-R-. With carbon rear fork (ball bearings) and a DT Swiss air shock but without hardtop it weighs only approx. 24kg and is, due to carbon fiber technique, incredibly stiff!

In spite of being optimised on races and records, the go-one Evolution is entirely suited for daily use. It is reduced to the necessary, but of universal use and built robustly.

The Evo-R- comes with  full Suspension and is offered in 2 Version, the Topversion and the Carbonversion

go-one Evo R



The extremely stiff vehicle chassis is built in carbon fiber technique.  We apply high quality fibres, gel-coats and epoxy resins only. Additionally, only high-end bike bicycle components will be assembled, such as  Ultegra cranks, Sram XX derailleurs 10-gear, Double Tap Shifter, Terracycle chain idler, low-maintenance S.A. drum brakes, vertebral column friendly carbon seat, adjustable carbonboom, , hardened canopy, hardened hardtop Windows if Hardtop odered, chain ring 61/65/70 tooth , bigger ones on request,  Joysticksteering on both sides,

The weight of the above vehicle is approx. 24kg without Hardtop(1,4kg) . Different colors are possible, however may result in higher weight.  The vehicle will be adjusted individually to the customer.
Further special wishes are possible on request. The go-one Evo-R- is offered in white at a base price of 10.000 €.


This version is made from Carbonfiber, with Aluminiumboom, Carbonrearfork, Standard Switch-, Brake- and Suspensionparts. The go-one Evo-R- Carbon with Joysticksteering and ready to drive is offered in white at a base price of 8.000 €,

go-one Evo R
Modifications / Extras Extra charge
LED lights incl.  readily assembled switching panel 350 €
LED indicators only in connection with lights 350 €
additional electric fan only in connection with lights and indicators 300 €
Hardtop building kit 1.000 €
Hardtop assembly 300 €
90mm drum brakes
100 €


go-one Evo R Measures

Length: 2655mm
Width: 640mm width of chassis
Height: 870mm including roof (top)
Wheel base: 1300mm
Track: 660mm